Welcome to ParcoursO, Summer 2017




ParcoursO this Summer at Mallards Pike, The Forest of Dean.

Following over 1000 family members passing through our gates this easter, ParcoursO is building momentum at Mallards Pike and there’s been a hard-fought battle going on with my conscience as to how we tell the ParcoursO story. Do we create a marketing campaign telling you what we think you want to hear or do we simply tell it as it is?

Looking at our purpose may help you decide for us…
ParcoursO evolved from a child-centred physical activity into a voice for the children, caring for their needs, responding to their positive and negatives experiences, understanding their issues and influences, trialling and testing new ideas, falling down and getting up in face of adversity. ParcoursO is much more than a physical activity, it is about children being able to learn to deal with the ups and downs both on and off the obstacle course and letting them choose the right pathway for them, building resilience and confidence as they go.

For too long children have been told how they will play, what they will play, where they will play, when they will play – and then stop playing because they are shackled to their computers or phones that were developed, marketed and sold by global organisations employing top executives who send their children to schools where computers are not permitted. If you want to know why follow the link here.

What stands ParcoursO out from other providers is that our motivation has been purely to create a baseline activity that benefits young children whilst making life easier for parents. What, where, when, how and why have all been important questions that we needed to answer during the development stages. All ages can participate, adults and children, gradually moving up from level one to five, reaping the awards, small gemstones and more, along the way.

A ParcoursO family is a happy family and we welcome you and/or your family to join us at Mallards Pike this summer. If your family have any specific needs please get in touch and we will do our best to make it happen!  To book go to www.parcourso.com.

The Wye Ventures Team