Between 2014 and 2018 we trialled our activities in the Forest of Dean at Mallards Pike and in indoor setting over the winter months.  The popularity of ParcoursO is testimony to our approach and values in delivering activities based purely on the children’s perspective.

ParcoursO Training and Challenges for all ages



ParcoursO Training for Individual or Family Challenges:  ParcoursO is a confidence-building physical activity and is practiced either independently or as a training exercise for the ‘Root Challenges’, a series of problem-solving activities for families who enjoy a day outside together.    
ParcoursO ‘O’ Club:  The Long Term Athlete Development Programme is a catalyst for change and improvement that is not simply about achieving in sport, but more importantly, about fostering life-long participation.  The ParcoursO ‘O’ Club Programmes include an intense five day fast-track programme when children are immersed into many aspects of the outdoor adventure lifestyle.    

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