ParcoursO ‘Beyond the Physical’


The fight for ParcoursO has also been tough, the obstacles high, the hills steep, the ditches wide, the challenges demanding.   We know from our trials that ParcoursO is popular with children and parents, and effective as a multi-tasking tool for achieving our own goals.


Fighting for rights

Relative to sport and physical activity, Wye Ventures are fighting for 1) the rights of children pre-thirteen and 2) the role that their mothers and fathers play.  So where is the fight right now and why did it start in the first place?

Tradition, commercialisation, job protection, research-twisting for funding criteria filling, ego-feeding, hunches and very often –  ‘just don’t get it’.  Get what?  Science tells us, if children were given their basic right to be active in a natural and instinctive way, they could grow strong in mind and body and thus be happier as adults whilst being more useful to themselves, their family, their community and their environment.  Bi-products include:

  • Fewer mental and physical illnesses, chronic conditions, family break-downs, intergenerational conflict and park decline.
  • More gold medals, quality research, happier children and adults irrespective of their circumstances.


The over-active conveyor belt.

Children are stuck on a conveyor belt that is out of control.  They need to learn the skills to take control of it pre-thirteen and so have the confidence after that age to make their own choices that will define how they want to be active in their lives.  They need to set goals and experience the troughs, so they can move out and up towards the triumphs.  They are then, at least, being given a choice to lead healthy lifestyles.


The value of child play.

In the long term it is a win for the health sector.  In America, 50% of the healthcare budget goes on 5% of the population.  If the United Kingdom replicates this in any way it could paint a picture of optimism if we are brave enough to move away from the traditional values of sport and physical activity and move into ‘something new’ for the under thirteen year olds, that will underpin those very traditions.

Wye Ventures has been dedicated to this ‘something new’ with ParcoursO.  It is not just another programme of physical activities and must not be confused with other sports.  It is ‘Beyond the Physical’.