Funding for Research on Family Participation



There is one underlying factor that is critical to parents and children being active together.

For over two decades we have been using critical analysis research to put theories to the test and to find answers to support our hands-on approach whilst developing child-centred programmes such as the innovative and evolving ParcoursO.

We have reached a point though where the research has not yet been carried out and so we are excited about putting the scientific evidence behind our own findings.

Lingering on the side lines at every point of what we have done is one very significant factor. It is something that I have observed again and again over these last two decades, significant to every child from every background and something that I spent hundreds of hours learning to understand. It is the one single most important factor in enabling whole families to participate in a physical activity together.

We are now actively seeking funding to carry out this research so parents have a choice to lead less stressful lives and children can be happier and therefore healthier. If you would like to support us please contact #activefamilies #parents #families#healthyfamilies #thisfamilycan