The Children's Perspective of Outdoor Adventure, Physical Activity and Learning



With inquisitive minds we began analysing research in 2000 whilst helping hundreds of children feel good about themselves when following our regulated outdoor physical activity programmes.  Many children found too many rules too soon meant they would give up trying or playing the game.  
Finally, in 2010, we decided to put the rule books to one side and dedicate our time to understanding the children’s perspective.  We unravelled the child’s interdependent relationship with their environment, community, learning, physical and personal identity.  Today more children than ever are finding life tough for reasons beyond their control.  Wye Ventures provide upstream interventions for both children and parents, giving them strength when taking on new challenges.  We connect them with their identity through environmental, community, physical and mental learning and self-awareness.
The purpose of this research site is to act as a voice for children, so parents and carers can make informed decisions about how their children can thrive in family or individual activities outside of school.  For most families we simply provide ‘a memorable day out’.  
The aim of Wye Ventures is to collect ‘small data’ useful to the development of our Roots Adventure programmes.    ParcoursO phenomenal challenges and star tasks are integrated activities that underpin all our programmes.



A child’s rational decision-making can be healthy or unhealthy dependent on how they judge a situation.  Understanding the children’s perspective in the context of outdoor physical activity and learning, means we can accurately respond to their rational thinking.  We can create or facilitate environments where children feel ‘connected’, more able to learn and to define their identity – an important characteristic of healthy rational decision-making resilience.  



We have three decades of experience working with or for children over a number of interdependent areas including environmental design & construction, sport, outdoor adventure, learning and community club development. Our ‘Roots’ programmes channel our findings in challenging, fun and innovative ways so children can be the best they can.           



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