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Innovative solutions of creative exercise for the 21st Century Family. #thisfamilycan

‘Venture 1, probably the most useful time a parent could gift their child’



Magical landscapes in parks, woodland and forests, where young children and adults can run, jump, climb or leap. Children and parents set out on their quest to find their inner warrior. On their journey they navigate over the obstacles of the forest, searching for the tools of life, learning the rules of the land and collecting tokens of strength.  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Venture 1 is our pioneering programme, developed over seventeen years, preparing young children for a life long love of physical activity. Family involvement is essential and an environment where parents and children can feel cared for, trusted, encouraged and supported.  Between the ages of five and twelve children build up the critical skills and underlying confidence needed to continue being active after that age.  




In an increasingly competitive world, children from a young age develop endless experiences of fear that burden their subconscious into adulthood. Some common examples of fear are not feeling good enough, feeling unworthy amongst peers, being bullied on social media, worrying about parental struggles, not feeling attractive enough and not gaining good enough test results.  A child’s motivation in life becomes extrinsically driven by the need to constantly please others, sometimes with disastrous consequences.  Wye Ventures help children to thrive by encouraging them to be themselves.


Specialist areas we develop physical activity opportunities:

Venture 1 for parents with children under the age of thirteen. Venture 1, one year family physical activity plans. Pre-chronic preventative healthcare.  Urban park, woodland and forest design of creative arenas for physical wellbeing and mental stimulation.  Intergenerational activities.




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