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 CLUB ACTIVITIES           ALL GIRLS TRAINING               



 1. ParcoursO  (levels 1-5):  A combination of obstacles and navigational challenges, ParcoursO is a baseline sport focussing on the development of intrinsic motivation and all-round physical development in children pre-thirteen so they can confidently continue training after that age.  Levels one to three focus on the training elements of the sport with levels four and five moving into the competitive arena.  

2.  The Wye Valley Series 2016 (Levels 1-3):  In collaboration with local councils, businesses, land owners, local communities and family members, this mini series of six challenges are in beautiful locations along the Wye Valley from September to December 2016.   Further information on these events will be posted shortly.

3.  Competitive League Events (Levels 1 to 5) and squad training: These events can be enjoyed by intergenerational families and can often be found in  areas of natural beauty in Herefordshire or neighbouring counties.  Some walk, some run for fun, most like to compete – it is the choice of the individual.  Club competitive league starts in January 2016.  Our club target:  to develop a junior squad with four girls and four boys for each age group from 8 years to 17 years of age.  Also, to build up adult squad, comprising mainly of parents.  

4.  Children’s Holiday Day Camps for members of WYEVENT Orienteering Club.   



Subject to funding we are looking to re-kindle an all-girls training section in the club, so more girls can receive the training they need, in an environment they thrive.  




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